WWE: Edge On A Comeback, The Network, And How The Attitude Era Was Overrated

WWE superstar Edge, or Adam Copeland as he’s known in his day-to-day, has been on the shelf as far as pro wrestling is concerned since 2011, but that hasn’t stopped him from dropping a few comments and criticisms.

In a recent interview with Alternative Nation in which he was promoting his Syfy series Haven, the Rated-R Superstar fielded questions on the WWE Network and a possible comeback. But it was his thoughts on the Attitude Era that grabbed the most headlines.

Apparently he thinks the most successful time in WWE history ratings-wise is looked at through “rose colored glasses.”

“I do think what’s been good, people are always talking about the Attitude Era, and all of this and all of that, but if you watch back, sometimes the matches weren’t that great because we had 2 minutes,” he explained. “It’s not possible to have a good wrestling match in 2 minutes, you can’t tell a story, you can tell a haiku. Since the PG era, I know when I was in matches, I had half an hour sometimes, 20 minutes, there I can tell a story.”

Edge noted that “it all boils down to the wrestling at the end of the day.”

“The Attitude Era was a lot about the hijinks backstage, and the matches kind of got forgotten about. It’s looked at with rose colored glasses because the ratings were good, and it was working for obvious reasons, but to me those obvious reasons were characters like Stone Cold, who would then get in and have a long match at a PPV. Characters like The Rock who would be entertaining, but still at the end of the day, they could go. I think now, you need a little bit of both.”

Other topics that Alternative Nation tackled: a WWE comeback for Edge, the WWE Network, and NXT.

“Probably not. I kind of closed that chapter when it got closed on me due to injury. Here’s the thing I’ve always said, is if I can’t get in the ring, I don’t want to be close to the ring and not get in, because that’s the fun part.

“They finally gave me the WWE Network. Once they asked me to do a show on it, they said, ‘Do you want it by the way?’ I said, ‘Yeah sure, why not?’ But for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to want to work up here in Canada. Every time I try to watch something it just freezes, so I haven’t really watched a whole lot of stuff. Before it was on the Network, it was on Sports Central up here, and if I was home from set, I would try to watch it [NXT] Thursday nights. Then it got taken off Sports Central, I got the Network, and the Network didn’t work, so it’s kind of been out of my hands, I haven’t been able to watch it.”

Check the full interview here. You’ll also hear WWE thoughts from Edge on John Cena, chair shots, and whether his buddy Christian will retire soon.