Drake Naked Pictures: Jilted Lover Reportedly Leaks Racy And Revealing Photo Of Rapper

Drake is about to join The Fappening -- sort of.

Though the rapper isn't technically involved in the internet leak of nude celebrity pictures, he may still be the victim of a jilted flame who reportedly released naked pictures online.

The report of the Drake nude picture hit the internet on Wednesday, via MediaTakeOut, which claimed to have possession of the picture. The celebrity gossip outlet claims that the picture was leaked for a stripper and ex-flame of Drake.

"MediaTakeOut.com just received an image of what we understand MAY BE DRAKE'S PEEN. Generally we don't just BLATENTLY POST PICS LIKE THIS.. but there's a news story behind it.

You see, Jhonni Blaze - a Houston skripper, has been feuding with Drake for weeks. You'll recall, she called the police on Drizzy, claiming that he had threatened her with the goons.

Well Jhonni's relationship with Drake is continuing to sour. Something popped off between the two, which led Jhonni to leak the below pic, which was ALLEGEDLY sent to her during a conversation with Drake. The number it was sent from is DEFINITELY Drake's.

The photo appears to be Drake. We have a pic of Drake's STOMACH below... and it definitely looks the same!!"

This appears to be separate from the mass release of nude pictures targeting celebrities, including Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. After the initial release of dozens of pictures in August, there have been intermittent leaks of a handful of new celebrities at a time. The FBI has reportedly been hot on the trail of the alleged leaker, with some big charges looming for whoever is responsible.

Drake has been involved in all kinds of internet-fueled rumors lately, and it's been MediaTakeOut leading the charge. Last week, the site published a report that his record label, Young Money Entertainment, had fallen onto difficult financial time and was nearing bankruptcy.

If true, that would mean that Drake is released from his contract and would become a rap free agent of sorts. There was never any confirmation on the rumor, and Drake appears to still be going strong with the label.

Drake has not spoken out on the rumor of the nude picture, and there is not yet any confirmation that it's actually him.

[Image via SwaysUniverse]