Disabled Korean War Veteran Knocked Out Cold By Home Intruder

weelchair bound veteran attacked by home intruder

A wheelchair-bound Korean War veteran was reportedly attacked by an intruder in his own home Saturday evening in Aurora, Colorado.

Lee Pekish, 80, who lost his leg in combat, had just returned from walking his pug Toby when he was bludgeoned from behind. Pekish said that the next thing he remembered was waking up in a pool of blood with his dog and cat still at his side. Pekish reportedly enlisted in the service at age 18.

The thief stole about $300 from the apartment.

Pekish told the CBS News Denver affiliate that “Blood is everywhere and I really didn’t know what the heck had happened to me. It took me most of the night to figure out what had happened.”

At first he thought that he might have suffered a stroke, but “then he found the wound on his head, which was the same size as the butt of a gun.”

According to Fox 31 Denver, “Pekish lost his leg when his platoon was attacked in Korea. He was shot and while trying to escape, his jeep hit a land mine, the blast taking his right leg.”

Pekish was initially resistant to contacting authorities. A friend called the cops on the elderly veteran’s behalf, however, and he was subsequently transported to a local hospital for a CAT scan, stitches, and other medical treatment.

The friend, Sandy Nolan, said, “I was just so angry and so upset that some lowlife amoeba would come in and attack a veteran of our foreign wars.”

Nolan expressed concerns for the veteran’s safety as long as he continues to live in the same apartment.

Lee Pekish, who has been afflicted with headaches since the incident, is a retired arts professor who lives on a military pension. He theorized that the robber may have been looking for drugs.

Aurora police are investigating, but there is no description of the suspect given that he snuck up on the victim from behind. Evidently there were no witnesses or surveillance video either.

The local community is in a process of setting up a fund to assist the veteran with his recovery.

Unfortunately, there was another violent crime committed against a brave veteran around the time of the Veteran’s Day commemoration. As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, a 91-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran residing in California who served in three wars tragically succumbed to injuries after he was savagely beaten by several thugs in a home invasion.

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