Man Impaled By Shovel After Falling Off Roof

Emergency room personnel are accustomed to seeing violent trauma, yet little compares to the experience of one doctor, who treated a patient after he fell off his roof, landing and impaling himself on a shovel.

As the Huffington Post reports, Kevin Klauer, a Canton, Ohio E.R. doctor, treated the patient, whose name was withheld for reasons of medical privacy. The patient was attempting to fix his roof when he fell off, impaling himself with his shovel.

“You can see the shovel sticking out of what appears to be the rectal area,” Klauer recalled. “Even when you’ve seen a lot of bad injuries, this is really a cringe moment.”

Klauer’s team faced the daunting challenge of determining the extent of the man’s injuries. The shovel had not been removed, and the team was forced to turn him over in order to determine exactly where the instrument had impaled his body.

“Turning somebody to examine them while they have a shovel impaled in their rectum is not something anyone’s been trained to do,” he said.

Working together, the group was able to turn the patient over, as his screams filled the hospital. Klauer discovered that the injury was worse than they had thought: the shovel had impaled the man’s body in the perineum, the patch of skin that separates the rectum from the area surrounding the scrotum. As Klauer observed, the site of the dramatic injury was particularly dangerous.

“He could bleed to death with seconds or minutes if there are injuries to the liver, kidneys or other organs that use a lot of blood vessels,” he noted.

Klauer ordered a CAT scan to determine the depth of the shovel’s penetration. After examining the results, the team was able to remove the shovel, preventing further injury to their patient.

As the Washington Post notes, the story is set to be featured on the 100th episode of Untold Stories of the ER, airing on the Discovery Fit & Health channel.

Earlier this year, a woman suffered a similar injury, as the Inquisitr reported at the time. A Colorado woman was reportedly voice texting when she was involved in an accident that caused her to be impaled by a guardrail, through the same region of the body.

After being impaled on his shovel, the unlucky man now reportedly hires professionals to service his roof.

[Image via the Huffington Post]