WWE News: Tommy Dreamer And Paul Heyman Get Into Argument On Twitter

Even though the WWE Network is failing to reach the United Kingdom, there are good qualities about the network. The original content including Rivalries, Monday Night War, and Legends House captivates audiences and really makes the WWE Network a must-buy. Just in case the WWE hasn’t done told the fans the price for the network, it’s only $9.99 a month to purchase the WWE Network.

More recently, the WWE Network aired a special on ECW, ECW Exposed. It showed the ups and downs of the wrestling promotion that Paul Heyman began in the 90s. Joey Styles, an ECW announcer, helped Heyman announce it on the WWE Network. During the program, Heyman did something that the WWE Universe loved, and that was promoting former WWE champion CM Punk.

However, the biggest news came after ECW Exposed aired. Former ECW legend Tommy Dreamer obviously watched the WWE Network-exclusive and decided to take to Twitter a few qualms he had with Mr. Heyman and Mr. Styles.

Dreamer: “Look what happens when u drink the kool aid @JoeyStyles 18 years & do I get paid for my banners or is it ECW STYLE”

Heyman: “Anyone who got to keep those banners, merch etc to offset debt shouldn’t be joking about #ECW style pay #Expose your own sins, not just mine”

Styles: “A bit stiff @HeymanHustle. I’m pretty sure @THETOMMYDREAMER was joking about @WWENetwork #ECWExposed using an Original ECW budget. #loyalty”

Heyman: “. @JoeyStyles @THETOMMYDREAMER @WWENetwork Not stiff. Just honest. Easy to jump on the “I got screwed” bandwagon. Harder to reveal the truth”

Heyman: “@JoeyStyles @THETOMMYDREAMER @WWENetwork Did I duck one question? Sugar coat a single answer? Didn’t I accept accountability for my sins?”

Heyman: “@JoeyStyles @THETOMMYDREAMER @WWENetwork I’ll take any deserved shot, even 13 years later. If you want ME to come clean, come clean w/ me!”

You have to give credit to Heyman for standing up to Dreamer and his problems with ECW. In the Paul Heyman documentary, he talked about people not enjoying the way it was run up until its demise. Dreamer was one of those guys who didn’t forgive Heyman until years later. Dreamer recollects on a promo that Heyman gave during his run with Brock Lesnar about a year and a half ago. Without actually saying it, Heyman discussed the problems with ECW.

I previously wrote an article about how social media can harm any employee, and specified on the WWE trying to implement something to not let their employees post controversial items on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Social media needs to be monitored by a supervisor or boss every single day, because certain bosses won’t hire somebody because of what they post.

It’s a very fine line to cross, and Heyman never goes “over the line.” Granted, this argument with Dreamer could end up being reviewed by the bosses, the WWE Universe will never likely know what happens as a result of it. Another reason to give credit to Heyman is due to his intelligence of promotion and word choice. He didn’t use vulgar language or say anything he would regret. Hyman is a real man who always tells it like it is. That’s something you can learn from Paul Heyman.

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