‘The Big Bang Theory’: Amy Didn’t Tell Sheldon ‘I Love You,’ So Is This Bad News?

The Big Bang Theory finally gave Shamy fans one big moment that they’ve been waiting for by having Sheldon say that sweet four-letter word to Amy. But did you notice that Dr. Cooper’s prom date never got to return the favor?

In what will likely be remembered as one of the The Big Bang Theory’s most memorable scenes ever, Amy tried to tell Sheldon that she loved him. However, Shelly interrupted his girlfriend before she could utter the L-word, and he left fans shell-shocked by declaring his love first. This caused Amy to have a panic attack, so she never actually got to express her feelings to Sheldon.

TV Line asked executive producer Steve Molaro if Amy’s lack of a love declaration will be an issue — after all, it’s not hard to imagine Sheldon getting offended that Amy never returned his sweet sentiment. However, Molaro said that The Big Bang Theory viewers simply didn’t get to see Amy’s complete reaction to the magic moment.

“I think it’s safe to say she said it back after her panic attack subsided. Several times. Made it her Facebook status and then proceeded to tell everyone and anyone who would listen.”

Sheldon obviously wasn’t too upset with Amy because Shamy actually managed to make it to the Big Bang Theory prom. They even posed for an adorkable prom photo together.

Shamy Poses For A Prom Photo On The Big Bang Theory

Molaro revealed that Sheldon’s “I love you” wasn’t a moment that has been planned out for a long time.

“To be honest, we didn’t even know the ‘I love you’ was going to happen until we were in the middle of figuring out the prom story. So I’d like to think there are even more milestones, beyond the bigger more obvious ones, that haven’t even occurred to us yet.”

Molaro said that he’s not sure when coitus is in the cards for Shamy, but the showrunner previously stated that Sheldon and Amy will continue to take “baby steps” as far as their physical relationship is concerned. There’s “no plan set in place” for the couple to have sex this season, but Molaro pointed out that Sheldon and Amy have already made huge progress during their time together on The Big Bang Theory.

“He’s come a long way. She’s got him to a place where they hold hands and they kiss and they go on regular dates. While it may not seem like a lot, it’s a colossal amount for him.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Mayim Bialik is also in no hurry for Sheldon and Amy to hop into bed together.

“Name me another couple that has been this committed and intimate without having sex, I think it’s something that is really sweet.”

Unfortunately for Shamy fans, it looks like tomorrow night’s episode is going to be all about Sheldon’s love for Leonard. Dr. Cooper kind of freaks out when his friend gets surgery to fix his deviated septum, and, based on “The Septum Deviation” promo below, it looks like this results in Sheldon’s own schnoz requiring medical attention. Somehow he always finds a way to make everything about him.

What do you think of Shamy’s pre-prom love confession on The Big Bang Theory?

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