Anderson Cooper Pranked On-Air: Smelly Candle Leads To Giggle-Filled ‘The RidicuList’ Segment

Fans loved watching Anderson Cooper get pranked on-air this week during one of this “The RidicuList” segments. This isn’t the first time his CNN staff has had a bit of fun at his expense, and it’s probably not the last. As is typically the case, however, the AC360 host managed to have a good laugh over it all.

As the Advocate shares, the fun came as Anderson Cooper was pranked on-air earlier in the week. While “The RidicuList” segment is usually Cooper’s chance to mock someone else, this time his staff turned the tables.

It seems that Cooper has had a basil-scented candle burning in his office lately, and his co-workers don’t care for the smell. They decided that the best way to make their feelings known, apparently, was to blindside him with a segment about it live on his AC360 show.

Anderson Cooper was pranked on-air as he started reading the introduction for the segment and discovered it was all about him. He even quipped at one point that he really needs to start reading these ahead of time. Cooper giggled his way through reading the teleprompter, stopping here and there to question the lengths to which the staff had gone to mock his candle.

Why did he start burning the candle in his office at all? As Mediaite notes, it seems that Anderson doesn’t wash his jeans and his co-workers think he, or the jeans, smell. In his effort to create a more pleasant work environment, he accidentally provided the opportunity for his staff to come up with a pretty great prank.

At different points throughout “The RidicuList” segment, Cooper had to read off that others thought his expensive candle smelled like Mario Batali’s Crocs, a brothel in Tuscany, Woodstock vomit, and a garden gnome’s underwear drawer. He most definitely disagreed with many of those, though he naturally giggled throughout. Watching Cooper giggle is nothing new to dedicated fans, as many remember his laugh-filled segment on Watch What Happens Live recently with friend Kelly Ripa.

The point seems to have been made now that the CNN staff doesn’t particularly appreciate the expensive basil-scented candle that the AC360 host has been burning in his office. While he thought he was going to be tackling a segment regarding annoying co-worker “crimes,” he ended up being at the center of it all.

Luckily, not only the crew and viewers got a kick out of Anderson Cooper’s prank on-air, but the host seemed able to laugh at himself and the segment as well. Granted, now comes the revenge and fans hope that the giggly host finds a way to strike back.

[Image via Travelers Today]