October 25, 2016
Kim Kardashian Photoshop Scandal: Magazine Butt Shot Without Retouching Not Quite The Same

Kim Kardashian attempted to "break the internet" by exposing her famous butt in a photo for Paper Magazine this week, but instead, she produced a backlash against what critics say is the obvious Photoshop job on the pics depicting her ample behind — a digital alteration that, in the words of one publication that ripped Kardashian a new one for the pics, "set a bad example for women and teens who struggle with body issues."

As reported earlier by the Inquisitr, Kim Kardashian — whose fame is based largely on the largeness of her behind — appears in the latest edition of Paper, in a nude shot from behind displaying her unclad buttocks. The look of her butt -- and for that matter, her back -- is enhanced by what appears to be a generous quantity of reflective oil spread evenly over her skin.

While her backside appears even larger than usual, which may indeed be a Photoshop effect, the real issue seems to be her waistline in the photo, which appears unnaturally narrow — which is almost certainly the result of Photoshop digital manipulation.

"While her a** is big, it's not Paper Magazine size. But the real giveaway is the size of her waist," write the photo analysts at the fashion site The Improper. "In real life photos taken at events, she has a thick waist. At official events, it's likely she hikes up her butt with undergarments like spanx. Because in photos where she's casually dressed, it looks smaller and flatter."

The site BuzzFeed did a Photoshop job of its own, restoring the original size of the her waistline, posting the "real" Kim Kardashian next to the Photoshop version. The pictures are technically NSFW and are visible at this link, but if the sight of a woman's exposed posterior offends you, please do not click on the link.

However, Kardashian posed for a cleaner, clothed shot as well, in which she is shown balancing a champagne glass on her rear end. But that shot appears heavily Photoshopped as well. Here is the BuzzFeed comparison of that one with Kardashian restored to her true dimensions for comparison.

Kim Kardashian butt shot Photoshop comparison.

The Improper noticed another revealing fact about the champagne glass photo. It appears to be an exact duplicate of an earlier photo by the same French photographer, Jean-Paul Goude. The original features a different model who is considerably taller and thinner than the 5'1" Kim Kardashian — and more naturally flexible as well. The original model is nude, however.

That photo can be viewed at this link.

The Improper theorizes that Goude simply Photoshopped Kim Kardashian's head onto the other model's body, then added clothing digitally.

Not everyone agrees that the photos are necessarily Photoshop jobs.

"I've had clients work on the whole body part and you'll see their glutes expand," personal trainer Nicole Chaplin told Fox411. "There are tons of women out there who have a shape like that."

But Chaplin, who has never worked with Kim Kardashian, says that it would take four to six weeks of a solid workout regimen to achieve the results seen in the Paper Magazine photos. When Kardashian, who is rumored to be pregnant, found the time to engage in such a strict physical fitness program is unclear at best.