New York Mets Expect to Keep David Wright for 2012 MLB season

The New York Mets are now listening to trade offers, but one man expected to stay for next season is five-time All-Star third baseman David Wright.

While general manager Sandy Alderson can’t guarantee any player would be back for the 2012 MLB season, Wright is the exception; he is fully expected to remain with the Mets. As Wright himself told NY Daily News, when asked if he’d be traded:

“I guess it’s a good question. I wouldn’t even call it a gut feeling. It’s just what I know to do at this time of year, getting ready to play third base for the New York Mets.”

That said, Wright himself feels trades could help the Mets:

“If [Sandy] feels like this move could benefit the team in the long run, you at least have to listen. So I see both sides of it.”

Wright, who has spent his whole career as a Mets player, hit a career-low .254 with 14 homers and 61 RBIs this year. However, a back injury kept him out of action from mid-May to July 22, as the Mets’ season went off the rails.

Wright has a “gut feeling” he’ll be back next season, but what if an offer did come in for the 29-year-old’s services?

“If the Mets feel like they can get what they want in return and it would help the organization moving forward, then, obviously, they would have to listen.”

Wright is a humble sort, and that’s recognized at Citi Field. In an interview with the New Yorker published in May, owner Fred Wilpon said of Wright:

“A really good kid. A very good player. Not a superstar.”