Mariah Yeater’s New Lawyer Asks Justin Bieber For Confidential Paternity Test

Just hours after we reported that Mariah Yeater’s former attorney dropped her paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber we have learned that her current council Jeffrey M. Leving is asking the Bieber camp to provide a confidential paternity test.

Speaking to PEOPLE Leving said:

“We’re negotiating with Bieber’s counsel, to reach a confidentiality agreement and to get private testing and results.”

Yeater’s previous council filed a request to dismiss their paternity suit in San Diego on November 9 and Leving who was active in the case during it’s early stages became more active.

When asked if he thought Justin Bieber was the father Leving said:

“Yes, of course I believe my client’s allegations … I can’t comment on whether she has physical evidence or not.”

Leving also says he’s worried about Mariah’s safety.

“I just spoke to Mariah today, someone was recently stalking her,” he says. “She is happy that she changed her number so she’s not getting death threats by phone. She’s a young 20-year-old mother who now has to worry about her safety and her child’s. It’s a lot for any woman that age to handle.”

For their part the Bieber camp is sticking to their guns about the entire situation with the following statement:

“As we’ve said from the beginning, it’s sad that someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim. We’ll continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin.”

Whether the Bieber camp decides to sue is still unseen at this time.