Who Is ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo’s New Girlfriend? Gorgeous Brunette Takes Nikki’s Place One Day After Breakup Is Confirmed

Is former Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis dating again? Just one day after Nikki Ferrell confirmed that she is no longer dating Juan Pablo, he posted a photo of himself alongside a gorgeous brunette television host, Anabelle Blum, complete with hearts in the caption.

Now that Nikki and Juan Pablo have officially called it quits, it’s seems to be open season for both reality stars to start dating. Is he in a relationship with Anabelle, a Miami-based talk show host, or are they just extremely close friends?

“Que buena sorpresa!!!! Gracias por venir a visitarme #Niño @juanpagalavis U #EquipoDeLaBlum” Blum captioned her Instagram photo.

Minutes later, Juan Pablo reposted the photo with the caption with a little “heart” in return.

“Jejejeje #Boo que FINO verteeeeee, se te QUIERE!!! #Repost from @anabelleblum Que buena sorpresa!!!! Gracias por venir a visitarme #Niño @juanpagalavis U #EquipoDeLaBlum”

Loosely translated, their captions seem to allude to a friendship, but it’s hard to tell with Juan Pablo, who spent the majority of his relationship with Nikki Ferrell avoiding the “L” word.

According to the Facebook page for Tu Día Alegre, Anabelle Blum is one of the hosts of the morning entertainment show that is broadcast weekdays on UniMás, an American Spanish-language television network based in Miami.

If Anabelle is Juan Pablo’s new girlfriend, she works close by to where he lives (Miami) and has something else in common with the former Bachelor — she has a young son, Phillipe, who appears to be around the same age as Juan Pablo’s daughter, Camilla.

As far as Nikki goes, she’s moving on from her television romance after an attempt to repair the couple’s relationship on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy didn’t work out. She tells Life & Style that she texted Juan Pablo shortly before her birthday saying, “We should fight for this. We should work it out,” but he never responded.

Although it’s over for the Bachelor couple, it seems that there isn’t as much nastiness between the two as the media has portrayed. Juan Pablo tweeted a birthday wish Nikki on October 29, with his signature random capitalization.

Do you think Juan Pablo is already in a new relationship, or is he just enjoying life as a single guy?