Middle-Class Suburban Areas Are Dwindling [Study]

James Johnson

Middle-Class neighborhoods are disappearing according to a recent study conducted at Stanford University.

Examining 117 of the countries biggest metropolitan areas the study found that 44% of families live in "middle class" areas, down from 64% during a similar study in 1970. The study also found that "affluent" neighborhoods have actually increased to 14%.

Poor neighborhoods also more than doubled from 8% to 17%, proving that the income gap is continuing to widen.

The study reveals:

"Given that in 2008 the top 10% of earners controlled approximately 48% of all income in the United States, the increasing isolation of the affluent from the low and moderate-income families means that a significant portion of society's resources are concentrated in a smaller and smaller portion of neighborhoods."

The debate is still open regarding the income gap and what it really means for America, where do you stand regarding this issue?

[Image via ShutterStock.com]