WWE News: WWE Superstar Christian Potentially Retiring Soon


WWE Superstar Christian has been in and out of WWE for the last two years. This year alone, we haven’t seen him very often. While Christian is very respected in the wrestling business, many realize that recent injuries were a sign that his career was coming to an end. Many speculated that he would be back full-time soon, as he is healthy and more than able to wrestle now.

Unfortunately, WWE has had nothing for him. He did recently appear on WWE SmackDown to do the “Peep Show,” but this is the first time we have seen him involved in programming outside of PPV roundtable coverage in months. Most originally thought he could serve a role similar to Goldust, where he would originally be around to help talent. Christian would be in matches with younger stars and help to enhance them, which seemed like a good role for a guy like Christian these days. Even this has not happened, sadly.

His friend and WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently spoke about Christian’s career coming to an end with AlternativeNation.net.

“Well he’s my best friend, so I know what’s going on with him more than anybody else. But he’s at that kind of point where you sit back and look and go, okay I’m definitely closer to the end of my career than the beginning. After awhile your body just starts telling you, this is a difficult job to do. When you’re in your 20’s and you think you’re indestructible, you can bounce back, but it gets harder when you start climbing into your 40’s.”

Edge is right. Christian has not been the same guy we all know and love in quite some time, and it has felt that even when he was healthy and wrestling full-time, he was not as good as before. Fans of Christian would say different, which is understandable. The problem is that the former WWE World Champion is not able to compete at a high level with top stars anymore. Every time he seems to get there, he gets hurt for a while or something comes up.

This has led to rumors for some time that Christian would be calling it quits. Many considered the idea that he could be a trainer for NXT stars, as WWE would love to have him there. Christian is one of the most talented performers WWE ever had, so there is no reason he would not be a great trainer. He could even be a road agent and help talent at shows and live events.

There is a lot Christian can still do in WWE and while he may not be in his prime anymore, he is more than able to contribute to WWE. Whether he is a trainer or enhancement performer, he will be around for a while. However, Christian’s career as a full-time wrestling talent could be coming to a close soon. As Edge claimed, sometimes the body just says it’s time.

[IMG Credit: WrestleEnigma.com]