Canada is pumping some massive high speed broadband that no one can use yet

The future of broadband in Canada is happening out in British Columbia right now where the province’s advanced network and shared IT services, also known as BCNET, has been doing some serious pushing of the high speed envelop.

Along with Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (Canarie) and the University of Victoria they have successfully transmitted one petabyte of particle physics data over an optical connection in just 24 hours. To put this in perspective what they have done by pushing this one petabyte of data would be the equivalent of transmitting 13 years of HDTV video along that fiber optic cable.

while this was primarily just a demonstration of what is possible they did it to showcase the province’s ability to build one of the fastest and most advanced networks in the world.

Here’s a few more points to highlight just how big this one petabyte would be:

  • 13.3 years of HDTV video
  • 10 million yards of books on a shelf
  • 20,000,000 four drawer filing cabinets filled with text
  • 250 million MP3 songs

Additionally if you could maintain 100 gigabits download speed on your pitiful home network connection to the Web you could download 6 movies per second.

via TechVibes