Rihanna Lives Out White House Fantasy, The ‘Best Part’ May Surprise You


While in D.C. to perform in the Veteran’s Day Concert for Valor, Rihanna took a special trip to the White House. Inside, she found a treasure trove of photo opportunities, perfect for her Instagram account. When Rihanna was swarmed by TMZ reporters who asked her about the best part of the White House, she replied, “my president being black.”

President Obama is in Beijing this week to attend the APEC summit meeting. The trip certainly seems important to the future of the world, the President even managed to make a joint announcement with Chinese President Xi Jingping about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But his absence leaves a lot of questions open, like whose manning the White House? And, who will be there to take charge if America is in trouble?

Don’t worry Rihanna is there, or at least she was, preparing for a potential leadership role. She already proved she could rally the soldiers at the Concert for Valor. According to the Daily Mail, she was one of the biggest hits of the night despite a plethora of other famous performers. Next step is to practice for the White House.

While Instagraming her White House tour, Rihanna got on the podium to practice taking questions and then took a walk on the North Lawn.

According to CNN, Rihanna was spending the day living out scenes from the popular series Scandal. She wrote, “Fitz, Darling” under a picture of her at a pay phone, an apparently reference to Scandal’s fictional President Fitzgerald Grant. Another pay phone picture has “Cyrus, let me in!” a possible reference to Grant’s chief of staff, Cyrus Beene.

Another picture shows Rihanna and her entourage gathered in the West Wing, saying “We wanna be O.P.A. so bad!!!” possibly meaning Olivia Pope and Associates – the political crisis managing consulting firm run by fixer Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington.

There was some serious business at the White House too.

Rihanna also reportedly discussed “potential areas of partnership.” CNN named the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative as a possibility. MBK is an effort to encourage community leaders to implement a coherent cradle-to-college-and-career strategy, so kids stay away from violence and get the education they need.

Rihanna’s trip ended with TMZ reporters asking her what the best thing about visiting White House was, she simply replied “my president being black.”

[Image Credit: Liam Mendes/Wikimedia Commons]