R.A. Montgomery Dead: Children’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Book Author Dies At Home


R.A. Montgomery, author of the famous children’s book series Choose Your Own Adventure, is dead at age 78. TMZ is reporting today that popular children’s book author Raymond Almiran Montgomery died at his Warren, Vermont, home on Sunday, November 9th, 2014. The cause of death has not been made public.

In addition to the popular children’s book series that he created and founded, the Williams College graduate has a prestigious work resume behind him, including his work at the Wall Street Journal, Columbia University, and the Waitsfield Summer School.

R.A. Montgomery, aka Raymond Almiran Montgomery, was a man who liked to live life to the fullest. When he was not reading, writing, and creating wonderful book series for children, he enjoyed skiing, scuba diving, hiking, and a taking long swims every morning. In an interview with RIF Reading Planet, Montgomery stated the following.

“I’d like to go around the world and encourage writers and illustrators to write their own ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books that reflect their country’s history, cultures, and traditions.”

He also stated that one of the most enjoyable parts about writing a book is the adventure of researching the people and places involved that inspire his stories.

“I love the research. I enjoy reading books about the places and subjects I’m writing about.”

One of his books will be made into a movie. According to CYOA, a movie is in development by Fox Films, which will be based on the book Choose Your Own Adventure: Mystery of the Maya.

His Choose Your Own Adventure book series was created in the latter part of the 1970s, and has remained a hit among school-aged children and struggling readers. There are also adult readers who fondly remember reading the books while growing up. Many of his fans continue to read the books to their own children.

“It was more like a journey to my childhood :)”

“I vividly remember reading this in elementary school. I enjoyed the Atlantis story lines. I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books.”

Connecticut native R.A. Montgomery leaves behind his loving wife Shannon Gilligan, a son, Anson Montgomery, grandchildren, and a sister. His son Ramsey Montgomery III passed away in 2008. His death comes just after several other celebrity deaths this week.

MTV star Diem Brown died of cancer at age 32, and days ago, the Inquisitrreported on the death of Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory actress Carol Ann Susi, and the death of 1980s rapper Big Bank Hank.

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