Glenn Beck Cartoon Coming to GBTV

Want to see a Glenn Beck cartoon? GBTV, Beck’s online network, is getting ready to launch a new animated series.

PopWatch reports that Beck has teamed with animation company Icebox to create the new show. GBTV and Icebox, which employs writers who have previously worked on shows like The Simpsons, South Park, and King of the Hill, are currently discussing ideas for the new Glenn Beck cartoon?

Tal Vigderson, Icebox’s managing director, said in a statement:

“Icebox is known for edgy, irreverent programming. Many of our writers welcome the opportunity to create shows the whole family can watch. This venture lets us take a little break from shocking and offending our audience.”

Didn’t Glenn Beck become famous for shocking and offending his audience? Will the Glenn Beck cartoon not have little GBs running around calling people Nazis? What a waste…

GBTV’s president of programming Joel Cheatwood said:

“The team at Icebox has developed and produced shows for some of the most renowned and acclaimed networks on television and we are excited that GBTV will be home to one of their next projects. We look forward to working with Howard Gordan (24, Homeland) Tal Vigderson and Jon Colier (The Simpsons, King of the Hill) on bringing an entertaining animated show to GBTV.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that once the Glenn Beck cartoon is finished, it will join GBTV’s lineup which already includes Liberty Tree House, Mercury Theater, Beck’s two hour show, and the comedy news show The B.S. of A.

It isn’t clear if Glenn Beck will voice any of the characters in the new show.

Have you been watching GBTV? Will you tune in to see a Glenn Beck cartoon?

[Cartoon by Clay Bennet at the Times Free Press]