Paul Felyk: Colorado Man Rescued After Being Trapped Between Walls For Three Days

Rahul Srinivas

Fox News is reporting about the rather weird news of a man being rescued after getting trapped between the walls of a Marshalls store in the Colorado town of Longmont.

According to the report, the man identified as 35-year-old Paul Felyk was trapped between the inner and outer walls of the local Marshalls store for three days. While Paul had tried to attract attention of people towards him by screaming and shouting, no one seems to have heard his cries for help until the third day. Luckily for him, he was rescued before it was too late. Paul Felyk was rescued after a 30-minute long rescue operation by officials from the Longmont Police department as well as the local firefighters. The rescue personnel had to slice open the wall of the department store in order to rescue the hapless man.

According to Yahoo! News, following the 30-minute operation to extract the trapped man, a much-relieved Felyk was seen crawling out of it. He was immediately transported to a nearby hospital. According to a senior police official, while there were no serious injuries to him, he did suffer bruises and minor injuries to the lower part of his body. Felyk also seemed to be in considerable amount of pain, the report adds.

According to Times-Call, employees at the Marshalls store claimed they did listen to the voice of a man yelling since Monday morning. They were, however, unable to figure out where the voice came from. It was only by Tuesday that they figured that a man was indeed trapped in the walls of the store. Police and rescue personnel were immediately alerted.

While it is unclear as to how Paul Felyk ended up where he did, the current police version is that he had tried to break into the store from the roof. He was not able to do that successfully. What he did manage to do was to fall in between the walls of the structure, around 20 feet down, and remain trapped there. There is still confusion on the actual amount of time Felyk spent inside the wall. While police officials say that he was trapped since Sunday, a note that Felyk had used to convey that he was trapped inside the wall was dated Saturday, November 8. This, however, is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Felyk is reportedly a convicted felon with prior convictions for robbery, trespassing, assault, driving while ability impaired, theft, and criminal mischief. As of now, he has not been charged by the police. They are, however, looking into the incident as an incident of attempted burglary and trespassing.

Do you think Felyk qualifies to be among the list of dumbest criminals of America?

[Image Via Lewis Geyer/ Times Call]