Bill Nye Says Climate Change Deniers Are Akin To Young Earth Creationists

Bill Nye

In Bill Nye’s new book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, the iconic Science Guy says that people need to understand “the fundamental idea in all of life science” to be effective members of science and critically thinking voters.

In the book, Bill Nye also poses a link between those that deny climate change and those that think the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

Bill Nye explained his position yesterday on CBS News.

“It’s not a coincidence that the creationists also deny climate change. It’s a really important thing. Just look at this morning’s stories.”

Nye said that people who believe the Earth is relatively “young,” like creationists, will likely mistake “weather” for “climate,” concentrating on things like the Midwest snowstorms earlier in the week as proof that the planet isn’t really getting warmer.

Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation focuses on the famous debate Bill Nye had earlier this year with creationist, Ken Ham. Bill Nye said he went through with the debate and wrote the subsequent book for the sake of young people.

“If we raise a generation of people, of science students, who don’t understand the fundamental idea in all of life science, then they are not going to be productive members of society. They’re not going to be critically thinking voters, and they won’t contribute as much as they could. And it’s not a coincidence.”

Bill Nye addresses religion in the book, and commented on CBS News that though he thinks religion and science should be kept separate, he did think it was “helpful” that Pope Francis came out to say that evolution “does not conflict” with creationist thinking.

“There’s so many people comforted, get so much out of being in the community of Catholics, that to have their head guy say we’re going to join the mainstream of scientific thinking is good.”

In an interview with Smithsonian about Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, Bill Nye was asked who his new book was intended for.

“People from 14 to 114 – I don’t want to exclude anybody. I would say people who are interested in evolution. I would be delighted if creationists managed to read the book, but my experience is that once you’re a grownup, once you’ve made up your mind, you’re not going anywhere. You will outwit yourself and justify not accepting it at every turn.”

Some people on Twitter have not taken a liking to Bill Nye or his stance on creationism and evolution.

Although Bill Nye has his supporters as well.

Climate change, evolution, religion, science… it’s definitely all a hotbed of opinion, fact and viewpoint. Where do you stand? What do you think of the stances Bill Nye takes in his new book?

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[Image via Michael Patrick Hicks]