Daryl Dixon Gay? Norman Reedus Wants 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Romance To Be 'Awkward'

Patrick Frye

Is Daryl Dixon gay? Norman Reedus says that he wants any romance in The Walking Dead Season 5 to be a little awkward, but question is whether or not the producers of the hit zombie show will go in that direction.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, it was once claimed by celebrity magazines that Norman Reedus was begging The Walking Dead producers to not make his character Daryl Dixon gay. The idea was that the hordes of female fans of the show would be disappointed. But Reedus responded to those rumors on Twitter, calling them "total BS," and he's even discussed the possibility of Dixon being gay in the past. One of the Walking Dead producers has even opined that Dixon might be a virgin.

In the end, it seems that Norman Reedus is not objecting to, or pushing for, the idea of making Daryl Dixon gay. At the same time, Reedus has been clear that he does not want his character to start randomly forming romantic relationships. In fact, he's even hoping any romance may be a bit awkward (let's just hope the zombies have nothing to do with that!).

When Reedus spoke to Nightline's Dan Harris while on the set, he said, "I think once you make a decision left or right, or once you kiss somebody, it's done. I want the buildup of that to be awkward as heck."

When it comes to the ambiguity of the romantic entanglements like Caryl and Bethyl, Reedus admits, "I like it, it's interesting."

While Norman does not directly say anything about making Daryl Dixon gay, he believes that being vague instead of clear about Daryl's intentions is better since once he commits to a relationship "it's over." Instead of being direct, he'd prefer it if Daryl is "as fumbly and as awkward as possible."

Norman Reedus also touched on the whole subject of Daryl being a virgin when he admitted, "I don't think Daryl has too much experience."

The idea that the producers would make Daryl Dixon gay is not a one concept that came around during The Walking Dead Season 5. Norman Reedus has previously mentioned that people were bringing up the idea even as far back as the very first season. At the time, Reedus was open to the concept because it would "blow minds," but so far the writers have not gone in that direction.

Do you think The Walking Dead Season 5 should make Daryl Dixon gay?