Jennifer Aniston Denies Plans To Elope With Justin Theroux, But Wedding Rumors Persist

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are not getting married — at least not on the run.

After rumors emerged that the couple decided to elope to a tropical location, Aniston took the rare step of addressing the rumors.

In an interview with Extra, Jen laughed off the rumor and the steady stream of reports of when she and Justin will finally walk the aisle.

“Hasn’t it already happened? I dunno… I haven’t read this week what’s happening with us, so I have to look into it,” Jen responded to reports that she had eloped.

Correspondent and former Melrose Place actor Rob Estes actually had to fill in Jen on the specifics of the latest rumor.

“This week is you’re going to elope. You’re going to go to Tavarua. It’s a surf wedding…” he said.

“Where?” Aniston asked, then whispered, “I don’t surf. Ooh, that’s gonna suck!”

While Jennifer Aniston may be denying reports that she plans to elope with Justin Theroux, it has done little to slow rumors about their marriage, and whether they will get hitched at all.

Several times, reports have emerged that Aniston and Theroux were breaking off their engagement, including a rumor that Jen caught him flirting with other girls and called off the relationship.

“There are bound to be rumors about their engagement, when they spend so much time apart,” a British magazine quoted a source close to the couple. “Justin’s been caught out referring to Jen as his ‘girlfriend’ or ‘partner’ rather than his fiancée, which has led some in their circles to wonder whether a wedding will ever materialize.”

The source added that Jen and Justin may not actually be that serious about getting married.

“They both insist that they are committed to getting married, but it’s beginning to sound increasingly hollow,” the anonymous source said.

But other sources claim that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are very serious about getting married, and could have plans to tie the knot this winter in a tropical location.