WWE: CM Punk Still The Best In The World, Says Paul Heyman, MMA Video Proves It?

Patrick Frye

CM Punk is still the best in the world, according to Paul Heyman, who will never let the world forget one of his guys. These comments happened to coincide with a CM Punk MMA video that proves Phil Brooks is still keeping up with his fighting skills.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, there are some reports claiming that AJ Lee's WWE career is stagnating due to her marriage to CM Punk. The real life April Jeanette Brooks also announced that she we will be creating a new website focused on her career as AJ Brooks.

The recent launch of the ECW Week on the WWE Network gave Paul Heyman yet another reason to talk since he once ran the whole show before it closed down in 2001 and was subsequently sucked up by Vince McMahon's empire. During ECW Exposed, Heyman was asked which wrestlers could potentially have been the biggest ECW superstars, if the company was still around to day. Considering the name CM Punk is probably somewhat taboo in the WWE right now, it was fairly surprising when he confirmed that the originator of the "Paul Heyman guy" phrase was still the best in the world.

Paul Heyman even defended that proclamation on Twitter when Miami Herald writer Scott Fishman questioned him about it.

— Paul Heyman (@HeymanHustle) November 11, 2014

Despite being the eternal best in the world, even CM Punk's friends in the UFC world say that CM Punk is denying he will return to WWE, going so far as to say it will never happen. But that doesn't necessarily mean he will let his fighting skills lapse completely. CM Punk may even feel the urge to climb into the octagon in the future if you go by this MMA video, where Punk joined Ryron and Rener Gracie to analyze the one-handed guillotine choke.

Although we don't know when this CM Punk video was recorded, the description would seem to indicate that CM Punk is maintaining some sort of training regimen. Shortly after CM Punk left the WWE, Paul Heyman also once indicated that CM Punk's UFC career could potentially follow in the line of Brock Lesnar and Dave Batista.

"Punk has always had the opinion that at its core, when the cage door gets locked it's two really capable people punching each other in the face until one drops. Sometimes the skill level is overrated, and the ability to just fight comes into play. He's educated in MMA. He's a very serious student of the disciplines and he's become far more entrenched," said Heyman. "He's a fighter at heart. One of the things that makes it so interesting is he came into the wrestling world as a fighter who ended up performing, not a performer making a transition into the fighting world."

Despite any rumors to the contrary, UFC President Dana White has previously said that CM Punk has never mentioned joining the UFC. Another one of CM Punk's trainers claimed Phil has unlimited potential to be a UFC fighter, although Ronda Rousey admits she prefers Dwayne Johnson over Punk (this is despite Rousey having a total fangasm when she met Punk in person). Unfortunately, the clock is ticking since Phil is already 36-years-old, which is fairly late to start a MMA career.

Do you think CM Punk should try his hand at MMA some in the future?