Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Makes Justin Theroux’s Ex Cry in Public

Oh, how the gossip tables have turned.

For years, poor Jennifer Aniston- despite being attractive and extraordinarily successful as an actress- couldn’t shake the “sad sack” image foisted upon her by the press after her high profile split from Brad Pitt. After months of rumors, Pitt and then co-star Angelina Jolie hooked up and rapidly began making and acquiring babies, cementing Aniston’s image as the cast-aside ex with whom Pitt neither procreated or, as he later insinuated, had a good time with.

It was unfair and icky to watch, and as Aniston did not hook up with any sperm donors or go on an adoption spree in the ensuing years, she was seen as somewhat of a spinster in the press, single up to the advanced age of 42. Finally, Aniston hooked up with extremely hot hottie Justin Theroux, and everyone was really happy for her after that whole Brad Pitt thing. Just kidding! They said she was a homewrecker.

Up until Aniston and Theroux started regular makeout sessions, it would appear, he was living with another woman- for 14 years. And the time elapsed between Theroux leaving 35-year-old Bivens and dating Aniston caused gossip columns to pin the blame on Aniston. Although the pair began dating in May, Aniston met up with Bivens earlier this month at New York City’s Mercer Hotel to allegedly set the record straight about the beginning of her relationship with Theroux. The Daily Mail reports:

“Jen told Heidi that she understands what a painful time she has been going through and explained that she wanted her to know, hand on heart, that she would never steal another woman’s man… Heidi apparently got quite tearful during the meeting, as it was understandably a lot of take in.”

While setting the record straight, Aniston also denied to press that she was planning to marry, or that she was pregnant- the actress says she put on a few pounds after quitting smoking.