'Ghost Inside My Child' Fake? Michele Lucas' Son Andrew Claimed To Have A Past Life As A U.S. Marine

Patrick Frye

"Is there a ghost inside my child?" asks Michele Lucas, whose son Andrew is claimed to be experiencing a past life of a U.S. Marine who died in a bombing explosion on October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon. The 4-year-old boy says he remembers dying and the family is searching for answers, but others are just calling the TV show Ghost Inside My Child fake.

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The TV show Ghost Inside My Child tries to connect Andrew Lucas to a group of marines who died many years before the boy was born. Andrew's mother claims the little boy has started telling stories and recalling memories that he should not know.

"He just starts crying hysterically and I say 'What's wrong Andrew?' and he says, 'Why did you let me die in that fire?'" says Michele. "Scared me, scared me! I didn't know if there was a spirit coming out of him."

The Ghost Inside My Child follows the Lucas family as they track down the real life U.S. Marine Sgt. Val Lewis in order to find his grave site.

"[Andrew] kept saying he lived at 860 Main Street in Sumter, Georgia," Michele says. "I started doing some research and nothing came about until we started piecing stuff together with the TV show. He went right up to the gravesite, he was okay. Put the flowers down and then he took off and ran to another grave and it was a marine and he said, 'That's my friend.'"

Unfortunately for the Lucas family, working with the Ghost Inside My Child show has not caused there to be any closure. Michele claims there have been strange incidences since they finished filming.

"About two weeks ago, there was an emblem on my wall and it was like somebody went up to it and turned it, and it went right back," says Michele, according to WTKR. "So it's kinda creeping me out. I don't know if I've picked up spirits while I was in the graveyard. I don't know. "I would like to get a psychic, maybe help us through and see what's going on. Is my house haunted, is my child haunted? I don't know."

But critics believe there's plenty of reason to call Ghost Inside My Child fake. When the producers behind the reality TV show launched the concept they were specifically looking for claims of reincarnated kids. They even sent out a nationwide casting call, asking for children with " inexplicable memories and experiences of another life."

Producers Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina are married to each other in real life and they say the idea for the Ghost Inside My Child concept came when they had a child of their own.

"We were pregnant at the time when the idea first came to us," Fincioen told The Huffington Post. "We thought what would we do if this happened with our daughter? It really was a phenomenon. We wanted to tell these parents' stories without trying to prove or disprove them."

The company behind Ghost Inside My Child is called Joke Production (no joke), but critics say the entire idea is exploitative, call Ghost Inside My Child fake, and believe it's no joking matter.

"[The fame hungry parents/grandparents are allowed to hog air time by exploiting kids. The parallels between the two shows include: false claims, deceptive story editing, and the truth of God's message is left in the ditch.... That is how this show would sell itself. Every week you'll see stardom-starved families making totally false and outlandish claims. Just like Psychic Kids, this show is filled with fakery. They fail to tell the whole story about the families featured in the show. Either they have an agenda to make money off the claims or there are reasons that are more sinister."