Boy Falls Bodega Head: 4-Year-Old Boy Falls 230 Feet, Listed In Critical Condition

Boy falls off cliff

A boy fell off a cliff in Bodega Head, Sonoma County, California, on Monday and was listed in critical condition. According to NewsMax, the 4-year-old boy fell 230 feet, but he survived. He was conscious when he was rescued and was rushed to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, where he will be spending most of the week.

“The boy, whose name was not released, was throwing rocks near a trail before he fell, landing on the rocky beach. Rescuers from the Bodega Bay Fire Department rappelled down the cliff to reach the boy and brought him up in a rescue basket,” NewsMax reports.

The boy who fell at Bodega Head was with his family at the time of the accident, according to Jobs & Hire. Apparently the boy’s parents didn’t see him fall, and started looking for him after they noticed he had gone missing. When they realized what had happened, they called for help. Firefighters were lowered down the cliff in a basket. When they reached the boy, they were glad to see that he had survived the fall. He was crying but was alert, which was important.

“That’s the highest section of cliff we have. Also, it has that sandstone and limestone that crumbles. It’s a very challenging section of cliff as far as rescues go. Plus, there’s the ocean when you get down there,” said Capt. Justin Fox.

There have been quite a few reports of people falling off cliffs lately. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a camper in Kentucky was sleepwalking when he fell 60 feet off a cliff. It was the middle of the night at Red River Gorge when the man got up and started walking right to the edge of the campground.

Wolfe County rope technician John May said that the man was lucky to be alive.

“He fell approximately 60 feet, landed in an area that was littered with large boulders. The campers who were with him found him at the bottom of a 60 foot cliff. The individual has a history of sleepwalking. So camping on a cliff ledge, that’s probably what led to this incident. It’s really a miracle. He fell 60 feet into boulders and from what we’ve been told he should make a full recovery. It’s quite remarkable.”

The injuries of the boy who fell off a cliff at Bodega Head are unknown. It was a good sign that he was alert when he was found, but an update on his condition has not been made available.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]