Shocking Surveillance Catches Daycare Teacher Kicking Toddler [Video]

A shocking surveillance video, taken by a Georgia daycare’s owner because of growing concern over a teacher’s poor performance, caught the teacher kicking a toddler.

Alexis Wilson-Britten, 22, was already slated to be fired from her job as a daycare teacher in Clayton County, Georgia. Owner Robert Phelps was upset enough over the fact that Wilson-Britten had taped a pacifier to a toddler’s mouth in order to stymie the child’s crying.

And then another teacher, Kimberly Johnson, became concerned when one of her twin boys, who were watched by Wilson-Britten, seemed overly agitated at pick-up time. Wilson-Britten mentioned that the toddler may have been upset because they had left the playground early that day, but later that evening, Kimberly Johnson’s son began to favor one arm, as if in pain.

When the child’s father took him to the doctor, they learned that the boy’s arm had been fractured.

Johnson was then told that her toddler had fallen on the playground, and that the teacher — Wilson-Britten — had neglected to report it. Johnson complained to the manager, and it was then that they decided to monitor Alexis Wilson-Britten using video surveillance.

It was during the managers’ video surveillance of Wilson-Britten that the daycare teacher was caught kicking a different toddler — but it was Kimberly Johnson’s other twin son that Wilson-Britten was kicking as the toddler was simply trying to bring his teacher a toy.

Owner Phelps did say that, moments prior to Wilson-Britten kicking the child, she called up to the front office, stating that she needed a break.

Police reports say that the child, Jayden Reece, was not injured but that he was kicked twice, although the video surveillance that has been released shows the teacher kicking him once. Of course, all would agree that one kick is one more than any child deserves.

Jayden Reece is only twenty months old.

Friday evening, Clayton County police arrested Wilson-Britten of Jonesboro, Georgia. She has been charged with simple battery. Police said Wilson-Britten does not have a prior criminal record. She was bonded out of jail.

As for Johnson, she is still employed at the daycare center but did say that she would be pursuing legal action against the daycare.

Phelps said that Johnson would not lose her job over the lawsuit, as he sees it as her way of protecting her children. He added that she simply “did what any mother would do.” Phelps also maintained that his ex-employee, Alexis Wilson-Britten, was entirely in the wrong and that children’s safety was the highest priority.

According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, police also indicated that they would be investigating the incident involving Jayden Reece’s twin brother and his fractured arm, as well.

This isn’t the only shocking daycare incident to make headlines recently. It was reported earlier that a little girl handed out packets of heroin at one facility, thinking it was candy. And in September, a daycare owner was charged with murder when a child hung himself on the playground.

And when investigating the safety of your own daycare, make sure the center is licensed and that the license is current. Check with the state bureau, and see if there have been any complaints. Ask other parents what they like and don’t like about the center. Drop in often, unannounced. Check references, ask about security measures and, perhaps most important of all, listen to your child.

Editor’s note: Kids R Kids, the corporation for which the daycare in question was formerly a franchise, reached out to the Inquisitr with a statement.

Recently, multiple media outlets reported an incident that occurred at a child care center in Riverdale, Georgia and identified Kids ‘R’ Kids as the location owner. That is incorrect.

Kids ‘R’ Kids International terminated its agreement with this franchise owner more than a year ago. The reasons for this termination included non-adherence to our company’s principles and general operating disputes.

Additionally, we filed a lawsuit against this former franchisee before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, seeking, among other things, injunctive relief and monetary damages for violation of franchise agreement, trademark infringement and violation of the Georgia Deceptive Trade Practices Act. In summary, the former franchisee continued to use the Kids ‘R’ Kids name even though they were no longer associated with our company.

Kids ‘R’ Kids is a leader in the early care and preschool industry and is adamant in providing safe and secure facilities for our clients. We were one of the first to install security cameras in all of the classrooms and utilize tempered, safety-glass walls for our classrooms to provide the best view possible of ongoing care. Additionally, all employees are given extensive state-mandated background checks and many of our schools require federal screening as well.

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