Ball Of Light On Mars: NASA Photos Evidence Of Alien Technology?

Photos of what appears to be a white ball of light moving on Mars’ surface, taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, are prompting speculation that alien technology may exist on the red planet.

Posted on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory website, the photos show the ball of light in a slightly different position in each of the eight images. The Examiner states that the light’s movement is “compelling evidence” that it is “under intelligent control.”

“The position of the ball of light is different in each of the eight photos which were taken from the same position with slightly different perspectives over a period of 15 minutes.”

The photos, taken by the Rover’s left and right front Hazcams back in January, were recently uploaded to YouTube by blogger Paranormal Crucible (video above), who explains that the ball of light photographed on Mars moves to different positions for each of the two cameras.

“The photographs clearly show a white ball of light surveying the martian surface… it appears to move around in a controlled fashion.”

Could the white ball of light be a dead pixel? Paranormal Crucible explains that the light is not a dead pixel because “it would remain in the same location” regardless of its field of view. He goes on to say that because the anomaly changes position eight times, it indicates that the object is “under intelligent control.”

Do the photos prove there is life on Mars? While the photos are far from confirmation that extraterrestrial life exists on the red planet, the Examiner states that there are two possible explanations for what appears to be a moving ball of light, the first being an “intelligently guided unmanned drone.”

“Balls of light have been filmed on Earth creating crop circles. This suggests that it is possible that the Mars light ball can have a number of purposes in addition to the obvious one of surveillance.”

The second explanation that the light ball is “some kind of indigenous intelligence” roaming around Mars references a book written by UFO researcher Paola Harris, UFOs: How Does One Speak To A Ball Of Light. In her book, Harris speaks to the possibility that balls of light are “a form of consciousness capable of communication.”

Is the white ball of light captured by NASA’s Rover Curiosity really evidence of life on Mars or just wild speculation?

[Images: Wikia, Educating Humanity]