Beauty Tips: Pole Dancing Grows More Popular As Fitness Routine, Possible Olympic Sport

In seeking out beauty tips, readers tend to focus the apex of their beauty concerns on fitness and weight loss tips at the top of their beauty lists. Lately, more folks are turning to pole dancing as a means of getting fit, as witnessed by the pole fitness studios and classes popping up more frequently, reports CBS.

Although pole fitness routines sound like the types of beauty tips one would expect exotic dancers to trade, these days they’ve become mainstream tips and options that everyone from church groups to bridal parties are enjoying. Women are even bringing the party home, as witnessed by TLC’s “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” wherein a couple spicing up their playtime piled up on their pole in a bad way — so one of the best beauty tips learned from that show is to get sturdy dance poles and learn the correct tips about how to install and use them correctly.

There even exists the World Pole Sports Championships, wherein 63-year-old beauty Greta Pontarelli — as seen in a Telegraph report — is among the 150 athletes from 30 countries hoping the practice tips become taken more seriously and transformed into an Olympic sport. Indeed, viewing Pontarelli’s six-pack abs in a bikini that even some women a lot younger than their 60s couldn’t pull off, and in light of the fact that Greta only began pole dancing a mere four years ago — pole fitness has earned its right as an effective beauty and fitness regimen. The 46-year-old Yvette Austin, a contender in the 40-and-over category, also appears years younger.

Those interested in the beauty and workout discipline can have their pick of famous Instagram pole fitness stars to choose from for tips and inspiration, like beauty Sarah Scott, aptly-named Lindsay Lithe, super-fit Maggie Ann or Anastasia Kukhtovora — shown in the above photo. They are all women who provide tips or videos on their feeds to inspire and teach their followers.

No matter what, safety is one of the best beauty tips to keep at the forefront of the mind when engaging in any type of new routine — especially pole fitness. Especially in light of the recent controversial pole dancing incident wherein a woman claims she was burned in a hookah bar from stray ashes while dancing on a pole, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image credit: Anastasia Kukhtovora’s Instagram]