Cooper Extends Contact Lens Recall Over Hazy Vision Complaints

Contact lens manufacturer Cooper Cos. (COO) has extended their contact lens recall for the Avaira Sphere line. The recall is expected to produce a $9 million charge for the fiscal fourth quarter.

The company’s recall on their Avaira Toric contact lenses started in August after a small percentage of customers complained of hazy vision while wearing the lenses.

During the first recall CooperVision said they found a small bit of residue on a small number of the lenses which entered the market place in April 2010.

The newest round of recalls for the company comes at a time when they say their own lenses do not meet updated quality requirements at the company because of a silicone oil residue. It should be noted that the only silicone oil based contact lenses on the market are found in the Avaira Sphere and Avaira Toric lenses.

When all is said and done the company expected that the Avaira recall will cost somewhere in the vicinity of $23.2 million which includes the $14.2 million charge from the fiscal third quarter.

Have you had a problem with any Cooper owned lenses you have purchased in the last year?