Tori Spelling's Brother Randy Opens Up, Admits Billionaire Father's Will 'Lopsided'

Samantha Kilgore

Randy Spelling, 36, grew up alongside famous sister Tori in the home of their father, Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling. The home was called "Spelling Manor" and has a total of 123 rooms, including 27 separate bathrooms, a bowling alley and an ice rink.

Aaron Spelling died in 2006, leaving behind a fortune that has been reported to be worth around half a billion dollars. Yet his children, Tori and Randy, reportedly received less than a million dollars each.

During the media storm that happened after Aaron Spelling's death, Tori claimed that her inheritance had been manipulated by her mother, Candy Spelling, due to the estrangement between mother and daughter. At that time, Randy claimed that their mother had done no wrong, saying that he and Tori received the same amount, and that the amount should not be a surprise.

"It's not like my dad would give me one thing and Tori another," Randy said, adding that the amount "was set up for years and years and years. So, nothing was changed. Nothing was changed in the will."

Yet during an interview on the show Oprah: Where Are They Now? Randy Spelling seemed to have a slightly different story.

"I don't know what really happened with my father's will," Randy said. "To a lot of people, [our inheritance] was probably out of balance, considering what he had. To my knowing, my sister and I got equal amounts."

Compared to his childhood, growing up in what he describes as a "fantastical place" where stars like Burt Reynolds and Sophia Lauren would come by to hang out, Spelling's life today is much different.

"My life is really different from how I grew up. It's definitely more quiet and more simple," he says. "I am a husband, I'm a father of two amazing girls. We do a lot of cooking. I mean, 90 percent of the food that we eat is all home-cooked."

And although it certainly sounds as if Randy Spelling enjoys his more simple, family-oriented life, he does admit that being rich wouldn't be so bad, either.

"Would it have been nice to have been left a whole lot of money? Yes," he says. "[But] things happen the way they need to, and my life right now might look very different if I had $10 million sitting in the bank. So, I had to get my wings burned a little bit and fall to learn how to just live rather normally."

Randy Spelling resides in Portland, Oregon, where he works as a life coach. He also says that he and famous sister Tori still make the effort to connect with one another.

"Tori and I have an interesting relationship. It's one of love that isn't always as close as I would like it to be. [But] she's really busy. She has a lot of stuff going on, and she's managing four children and a career and a husband," Randy says. "So, we stay in touch how we can, what works for us."

What do you think? Did Candy Spelling somehow manipulate her late husband's will in order to disinherit her children?

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[Image via US Magazine and Wikipedia]