Darren Wilson Bounty Issued By 'Black Rebels': Ferguson Store Owners Threatened

A Darren Wilson "bounty" was issued by the Black Rebels St. Louis group via Twitter. The self-described group of black Michael Brown shooting protesters, allegedly from Ferguson and around the country, has offered $5,000 for anyone able to share the location of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The Black Rebels group wants to "ask him a few questions," according to viral tweets which began on Sunday.

The Darren Wilson bounty "begins at" $5,000 and is reportedly being paid for by the Black Rebels and an unnamed local investor. "Not sure what we stand for... We are Pan Africanist, Military Minded, Political Aware, Revolutionary but Gangsta Garveyites. Fightn for Uhuru," a tweet by the group said.

The Uhuru Movement is a "radical political organization" founded upon the principles of Pan-Africanism, according to Wikipedia. The Pan-Africanism movement reportedly advocates for the "political liberation" and economic liberation of "Black Africans." Uhuru is Swahili for freedom. The movement, which began in 1972, has been led by the head of the African People's Socialist Party, Omali Yeshitela.

The Pan-Africanism group has long called for the release of black prisoners in United States prison, deeming the correctional facilities "concentration camps" and has labeled police forces in America as an "illegitimate standing army." The Uhuru Movement has also called for the withdrawal of law enforcement forces from communities the group feels are oppressing and exploiting African-Americans.Before the allegedly threatening tweets, Ferguson store owners and residents were already "preparing for the worst," according to interviews with residents via CNN. As previously reported by Inquisitr, the St. Louis grand jury is expected to render a decision in the Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson Michael Brown shooting case sometime in November. Mike Brown was shot on August 9.

mike brown shooting
Darren Wilson grand jury still out, bounty issued for location of the Ferguson police officer.The Black Rebels are also offering a $1,000 reward for the locations of any close relatives of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.[Images via: Twitter]