Ferguson Riot Preparations: Governor Jay Nixon Readies For Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision

Ferguson riot preparations are underway in anticipation of the Darren Wilson grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting case. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon plans to "outline" law enforcement plans in regards to dealing with the aftermath of the Darren Wilson indictment or no true bill decision, in the St. Louis area.

Governor Jay Nixon and other local law enforcement leaders are expected to discuss the Darren Wilson grand jury decision preparations at a press conference later today. Ferguson riots could once again be a possibility if Wilson is not indicted for the Mike Brown shooting, which occurred on August 9.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch told the media on Monday that the Darren Wilson grand jury is still meeting – with a decision expected later this month. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Anonymous issued an online release claiming that government sources close to the investigation said a decision in the Michael Brown shooting case would be issued on November 10.

"As recently as November 4, 2014, I stated that the grand jury in the Michael Brown case was still hearing evidence and had not made a decision. I also stated that I did not expect the grand jury to complete its work and make a decision until mid to late November. That timeframe has not changed," prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch said in a statement about the Mike Brown shooting grand jury.

McCulloch went on to note that he realized that the Darren Wilson grand jury decision is "much anticipated" and added that his office will notify the media and the public when the deliberations have ended. "Until that notice comes directly from this office, any and all claims of an announcement date or time from any source, especially social media, are rank speculation and should be ignored," the St. Louis County prosecutor said.

Concerned residents and business owners are preparing for the worst – more riots and looting if Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is not indicted for the Michael Brown shooting. "I bring an extra gun now only because it has a bigger magazine," Solo Insurance owner Dan McMullen told CNN. While the West Florissant business owner said he would not use his gun to protect the property, he would squeeze the trigger if necessary to save his own life.

"So maybe I get trapped here or something and have to have a John Wayne shootout. That's the silly part about it: Is that going to happen? Not a chance. But I guess, could it? I'm the only white person here," McMullen added.

Governor Nixon is expected to host the 2 p.m. press conference (local time) at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C headquarters in St. Charles County.

Do you think the Ferguson Mike Brown shooting grand jury will indict Darren Wilson?

[Image via: Now The End Begins]