Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ Video Is A Parody Of Herself

Taylor Swift recently released a brand new music video for her song “Blank Space.” The video puts Taylor Swift in the role of a vengeful girlfriend, looking to get back at her boyfriend played by model Sean O’Pry.

Newsday reported on the new Taylor Swift video, describing the scene as something out of The Great Gatsby. Swift is seen wearing upper class clothes similar to what you might see on Daisy Buchanan, played by Carey Mulligan in the 2013 Leo DiCaprio film.

While Taylor and her boyfriend seem to live a life of luxury, there is obvious unrest between the two of them. Swift catches O’Pry texting another woman while they’re in the middle of a garden picnic. “Blank Space” takes the viewer through the turmoil of the relationship, leading up to Taylor Swift smashing O’Pry’s expensive car with a golf club.

Taylor Swift in 'Blank Space'
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift claims she wrote “Blank Space” in response to the media’s portrayal of her actual personality. Many people perceive Taylor Swift as a girl who’s always dating and dumping new guys and writing about their broken relationship. Swift seemingly played with that stereotype and brought it alive for the “Blank Space” video.

“The media has portrayed me as this crazy, desperate serial dater,” said Taylor Swift. “I decided that I was just going to kind of continue the joke and take back the narrative and so I wrote ‘Blank Space.’ We decided we just had to go absolutely crazy with the video.”

According to Mashable, the director of the “Blank Space” video, Joseph Kahn, confirmed Taylor Swift’s inspiration for the video, claiming she’s not as stupid as the media wants to think. He has described Taylor as one of the smartest people he’s worked with in his 20 years in the music industry.

“She’s highly aware of one particular thing that’s happening right now — the idea that if you date her and you break up with her, she’s going to write a song about you,” said Kahn. “She’s aware of this. She’s not an idiot. Taylor wanted to make a video addressing this concept of, if she has so many boys breaking up with her maybe the problem isn’t the boy, maybe the problem is her.”

But there’s more to the “Blank Space” video than just the romance and the misconceptions about Taylor Swift. It was filmed at a pretty breathtaking location; Oheka Castle. In the middle of September, rumors were spreading that Swift was filming at the location. Not long after, Swift confirmed that “Blank Space” had been shot at Oheka and announced a smart phone app that allows you to explore the castle with 360-degree views. For more on the “Blank Space” app click here.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video?

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