Angry Man Going Through Divorce Drives Wife’s Corvette Into River!

ABC News is reporting about the bizarre case of an angry man who drove his wife’s car into the Delaware River after they had an argument. The car, which happens to be a red 1990 model Corvette, was pushed by the man into the river after he parked the vehicle nearby, according to an eyewitness. Reports add that the man was in the midst of a messy divorce, and the Corvette used to be driven by his wife.

According to MyFoxPhilly, the incident happened by the Delaware River near the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge at around 4 p.m. local time on Monday. A rescue team was called in following concerns that the Corvette had an inhabitant inside. Later, the car, which was under 30 feet of water, was confirmed to be empty. Rescue workers said that the Corvette was in deep water, and they had to make sure that it was empty and there was no one inside it. After they had confirmed the vehicle was not occupied, a crane was used to lift the Corvette out of the water.

Police officials from Philadelphia are now trying to track the man down. He is likely to be charged for putting the lives of several officers in danger.

“A nasty divorce. The male we are currently seeking did make a threat to his current or soon-to-be ex-wife that he was going to destroy the car,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness told Inspector Scott Small that he had seen a man drive the car near the banks of the river. He then saw the man get out of the vehicle and let the car roll into the river.

“I guess he was angry with her and drove her vehicle into the Delaware River,” Small said.

He added that the man, who is reportedly 50-years-old, had joint custody of the car and will not be charged for theft. He will, however, be charged for violating a protection from abuse order, as well as reckless endangerment.

After all the chaos, it is not just his wife who is now unhappy over the antics of this man. Authorities who had to use divers to ensure that there was no one inside the car said that it was risky to send the divers into the waters as it neared dusk. They were not pleased the divers risked their lives over a man’s inability to control his temper.

[Image Via ABC News]