Richart Sowa Builds An Amazing Artificial Island Made Up Of 150,000 Recycled Bottles!

One of the biggest issues in the world today is the negative impact that humanity's presence has on the ecosystem. It is such a hot-topic issue that activists, scientists, organizations, and governments have stepped in promising to fix the problem. The Inquisitr reported on news where organizations have created or theorized solutions that might benefit the ecosystem. Solar panels have been improved in design to look like windows as a means to increasing distribution into residential areas. This is important because the need is greater than ever to reduce humanity's dependence on fossil fuels.

More extreme solutions to saving the ecosystem have also been revealed, yet they are both admirable and questionable. Downsizing to a cute Tiny Tumbleweed House as a means to cut back on using resources is admirable. Sterilizing oneself as a means to control the population, in turn, controls the consumption of resources is arguably questionable. However, there is one case of extreme recycling created by one man and the results are phenomenal. He has created his very own private island.

According to Daily Mail, Richart "Reishee" Sowa spent the last seven years carefully constructing a floating eco-paradise complete with all the necessities and luxuries that most people enjoy. The cool thing about the island is that it was made by recycling 150,000 bottles. Now at the age of 61, Richart has created an idyllic life on Joyxee Island, which is just about 100 feet away from Cancun, Mexico.

"I always loved my island lifestyle and enjoy each chance to show the beauty of the place with anyone I can."
Joyxee Island isn't just some floating throwback in time where civilized people improvised while being stranded on some exotic locale. This isn't Robinson Crusoe or The Swiss Family Robinson. Joyxee Island actually carries a three-story house boasting two bedrooms, a hot tub, three shell showers, and a kitchen. It is surrounded by palm trees, mangroves, fruit trees, and edible herbs and plants which all grow from the sand and soil. Finally, Joyxee Island floats, thanks to the 150,000 inflated bottles, and is tethered with a 100 foot-long "umbilical" cord which also provides solar-generated electricity and internet.

Richart Sowa ultimately plans on becoming truly self-sufficient, and is constantly working on achieving that goal. He verified his claims in the following statement revealing the current position of his endeavor.

"My plan is to become self-sufficient, I am a vegetarian and have many plants growing on the island which I eat, but for more variety I go by bicycle to the nearby local shop."
Life for Richart Sowa was reportedly almost perfect. However, the only thing missing was someone to share it with according to an article by RYOT.
"Living on my own floating island has been my dream for over two-decades… I've always wanted to share my life's work with a soul-mate."
Joyxee Island
Richart Sowa (right) with his Jodi Bowlin live a wonderful life on Joyxee Island.

Fortunately for Richart Sowa, the stars must have aligned because he found his love in Jodi Bowlin, a 47-year-old Tennessee woman who used to be a Japanese model. Originally they met through Facebook, and after getting to know each other a bit more, she headed down south to live with Sowa on Joyxee Island.

What do you think about Richart Sowa and his man-made island created from 150,000 recycled bottles? Does it truly sound like a paradise? Would you live on Joyxee Island if you had the chance?

[Images via Richart Sowa]