Amy Jo Johnson Dons Pink Power Ranger Suit And Sings With Batman, But Why?

Amy Jo Johnson Dons Pink Power Ranger Suit And Sings With Batman, But For What

The name Mighty Morphin Power Rangers always manages to invoke nostalgia amongst fans and children of the 90s. For anyone still following the power rangers, they are aware of the upcoming reboot film. Unlike most reboots that have been poorly received, most seem quite thrilled and excited for the power ranger reboot. The Inquisitr reported on some casting news that was dropped in July.

“Chloe Moretz was offered and accepted the role of the Pink Power Ranger. She has since confirmed this, according to Venture Capital Post. Jason David Frank, who has played both the Green and White Power Rangers, will play a role as a ‘mentor’ to the reboot cast.”

Amy Jo Johnson is not rumored to be reprising her role as the pink power ranger, but that has not stopped her from donning the power ranger suit from time to time. In this case, her and Batman, decided to band together to make sweet music. Why was this odd amalgamation occurring in a city street? Well, because she promised to do some of it, and the rest just managed to work itself out. reports that the unusual stunt was actually a challenge given to her by none other than the blue power ranger actor David Yost. The challenge was, if fans managed to exceed her Indiegogo funding for her debut feature film The Space Between, she would have to find a public square in which to sing and perform.

The other catch? She had to do it while decked out in her pink power ranger suit, which she reluctantly obliged to on video that can be seen below.

As she was performing in a largely public street corner in Toronto, an unlikely superhero descended upon her performance, and stayed to perform with her. Amy Jo Johnson posted the performance photos to her Instagram. According to her Indiegogo page for The Space Between, Amy Jo will be writing,directing, and starring in this major debut film. The story reads like a modern day relationship.

“Amy Jo Johnson’s debut feature film about a proud new daddy who finds out his child is not his own.”

Johnson has been writing and directing for sometime with her short films Lines and Bent being her first two. Bent was awarded several independent short film awards. Though this might be the last we see of Amy Jo Johnson as the Pink Ranger, or a pink ranger and Batman team-up, it was still a fun and nostalgic moment.

[Images via Wikimedia Commons And Electrokami]