Ninety-Nine iPhone 6 Deals Used To Sale A Girlfriend A Marriage Proposal

Patrick Frye

A sweet iPhone 6 deal is probably on many men's minds. But one Chinese man tried to seal the deal with his girlfriend with 99 iPhone 6's.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, another iPhone 6 owner wasn't trying to set a lovers heart on fire but instead an iPhone 6 caught him on fire, giving the man a second degree burn. Also, the biggest Apple rumor is that the iPhone 7 screen will use a 3D display.

As part of a young Chinese programmer's plan to propose to his girlfriend were 99 iPhone 6s. With "Singles' Day" looming in China (Nov. 11), one man thought the time was right to try to tie the knot with his girlfriend, preventing them both from having to participate in any future 11/11 festivities.

This young love-struck man assembled them in the form of a heart as part of his proposal. The setup, as reported by the Nanfang, cost the love-bitten man two years' salary (about $82,000).

A bunch of friends looked on as the young programmer arranged the iPhone 6s for his big proposal. But sadly for this young man 99 iPhone 6s were not enough to sweeten the deal. His girlfriend turned him down.

So, whether our crestfallen man ends up hawking these phones one by one to make back big bucks, or just decides that 99 Siris are better than one real wife, we get the sense that he'll be OK in the end. Remember, it's better to have loved and lost 99 iPhones than never to have loved at all.

This proposal was apparently set against the background of November 11. Or, as it's known in China, Singles' Day.

Oddly, this is a day on which cheery singles are supposed to buy themselves gifts to celebrate the fact that no one has yet tethered them to a life of frustration and regret. It also seems to be an occasion to attempt to tether yourself to someone with big gifts.

Of course, the question ought to be asked: Even if she'd accepted this nerdy proposal, what would the lady have done with all those iPhone 6 phones? Would she have set up a Web site and offered them at ten times the price because they were lucky phones?

It's very sad for the young man to be rejected in front of his friends. In a twist of the old phrase, iPhone 6's can't buy me love.