Secret Service Searching For White House Shooter

White House secret service agents and various other agency workers are currently on a manhunt for Oscar Ramiro Ortega, a 21-year-old Idaho man who is believed to be the shooter behind last weeks attack on the White House.

Ortega’s crashed car was found this week in Washington DC at 23rd Street NW and Constitution Avenue and inside the vehicle was a semi-automatic rifle.

One source told ABC that Ortega was fixated on the White House and should be considered dangerous giving his various convictions for domestic violence, assaulting police officers and drug offenses.

After the shooting on Friday a bullet was found in a White House window. The bullet was lodged in ballistic glass which sit directly in front of the houses historic exterior glass.

So far officials know that Ortega was in the Washington DC area for weeks leading up to his attack on the White House, he is said to have visited the Washington Mall on several occasions and authorities believe he may have been attempting to blend in with Occupy Washington protesters.