Father’s Facebook Picture Of Son Is So Sobering That It Might Just Save A Life

The love a father feels for his children is indescribable if the man is truly acting like a dad instead of just providing half of the formula that makes a human being. The Inquisitr has reported on some of the most remarkable stories of how fathers show their affection that may not be doable among others, but their reasoning is understandable. For example, one father wants to teach all eight of his children to be self-sufficient without any hindrance of entitlement by having them pave their own way after high school. Another father actually crossed the line for the love of his son, who is autistic, by beating up his son’s bully.

Sadly, for some fathers, no matter how much of a good father they are, their children may either be hindered by their own personal demons. For one father, such a situation resulted in a heartbreaking tragedy of his son passing on. The picture he took and posted on Facebook is so sobering that it just might save a life.

According to an article by WHIO, Mike Stollings of Englewood posted a photo of his son’s body at the funeral home. Since posting it up, it has been shared over 34,000 times, which is good for this saddening event because he hoped the picture could change other peoples’ lives. Stollings, out of grief and guilt, made a statement that shows how he feels his son’s death is his fault.

“I’ll spend the rest of my days on this earth racking my brain trying to figure out what I should have done differently.”

In another article by IJReview, Stollings’ son, Jeramie Ratliff, had a problem with drugs for many years. As Mike puts it, Jeramie had a “relationship” with LSD, and he was very public about it too. The other drug that Jeramie was taking was Dextromethorphan, an ingredient in over-the-counter cough medicines. That was the addiction Jeramie wasn’t very open about.

This is why Mike Stollings took to Facebook with his son’s death. Mike is now asking anyone who has family, friends, or other loved ones in this situation to get help – including him. He has made it clear that it doesn’t matter if people seeking help don’t know him personally, but that he’ll help out no matter what. For Mike, this is a truth he feels needs to be shared with the world.

“Just brutal, cold, reality. People need to see that. This stuff’s not just fun and games and feeling good and going out with your buddies. Too many times, it turns into this. People need to see that.”

Unfortunately, the saddest part of this tragedy isn’t a father losing a son, but a son losing his father. Jeramie Ratliff recently became a father to his son Asher, who is now 10-months-old. It is truly heartbreaking that Asher will never get to know his father.

If you empathize with Mike Stollings and his loss, you may share the photo of his son to help spread the important message he wrote with it on his Facebook page. You may also leave condolences and prayers for Mike and his family in the comments below.

[Images via Mike Stollings Facebook]