Khloe Terae Flaunts Insane Cleavage In Plunging Double-Slit Gown

Blond bombshell Khloe Terae clearly made an effort to turn up the heat for her first Instagram share of 2021. The post, which went live on Friday afternoon, showed the model and social media star posing with her golden mane flowing wildly, her make-up game on-point and her shapely physique fittingly adorned with a plunging double-slit gown.

Due to the plummeting nature of her dress's neckline, Terae's provocative picture got an additional dose of sheer sensuality with a stunning display of her incredible cleavage.

The 27-year-old credited Ermine Khacheryan, a.k.a. HermesMakeup, for her "goddess glam" in the sexy share. Her dress, meanwhile, was a product of the Australian boutique Abyss By Abby. Terae shouted both out in the caption, while also offering an uplifting New Year's decree about the ways she aims to improve herself in 2021.

She explained that her main resolution is to quit drinking, with the hope that she can go alcohol-free until her birthday in May.

Terae's positive message -- in tandem with the tempting snapshot -- made a measurable impact on her enamored admirers. In just over two hours after appearing on her timeline, the spicy pic notched 4,000 likes. Furthermore, the post's comments section was flush with replies from people that went wild over the alluring and inspiring update.

"Beyonddddd a Goddess [fire emoji] So proud of you babe!!" fellow Instagram maven and curve queen Abigail Ratchford raved. "That's one of my resolutions as well."

"Such a beautiful and very sexy photo of you Khloe," a second supporter opined. "Giving up alcohol, well temporarily is a brilliant idea but I hope your birthday isn't next week."

"Wow," a third devotee gushed. "You should do a calendar."

"Omg this is one of my favorite looks you have ever done @khloe!!" a fourth fan wrote. "Freaking stunning."

Terae's slightly bronzed skin and golden-hued locks popped against the white wall she leaned against as she was snapped. So, too, did her full, ruby-red lips and piercing blue-gray eyes, which peered directly into the lens of the camera.

The buxom beauty -- who won Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year in 2015 -- posed with her right leg lifted, her knee bent and the corresponding foot planted against the wall behind her. Meanwhile, her right hand was similarly placed flat against the wall while her off-hand gingerly caressed her hair on the opposite side.

Her dress was bright white with gold-tinged, lace-like flourishes along her waistline. The garment left her prominent chest bare down the middle, while her slitted skirt did the same for her sculpted thighs at the lower edge of the frame.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Terae previously confessed her "bad girl" ways with a provocative post in which she posed wearing a Santa hat and lacy red lingerie.