Diane Keaton Battled Bulimia While Dating Woody Allen

In her new autobiography, Then Again, actress Diane Keaton has revealed that she was suffering from the crippling eating disorder bulimia while playing some of the funniest roles of her career.

In 1968, after learning she needed to lose 10 pounds to land a part in the original Broadway production of “Hair,” Keaton wrote, she would consume “barely imaginable quantities of food” that she later would force herself to throw up.

Dinner, she described, was “a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, several orders of chips with blue cheese and ketchup, a couple of TV dinners, chocolate-covered almonds, a large bottle of 7Up, a pound of peanut brittle, M&Ms, mango juice, one Sara Lee pound cake, and three frozen banana-cream pies.”

Keaton, now 65, also recalled in the memoir that 1968 was the year she started to become romantically involved with Woody Allen, who starred alongside her in the stage comedy “Play It Again, Sam” and later in the film “Annie Hall” – which he also directed. Diane was 22 at the time.

Check out Keaton and Allen in a scene from Annie Hall below: