‘The Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Gets Life-Sized Cake

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has it all — one Oscar and another nomination, larger than life projects and artistic freedom with smaller films, and she seems to be Hollywood’s most relatable girl. That should be enough, but apparently you haven’t made it big until you get your own life-sized cake.

According to the Telegraph, Lawrence’s life-sized cake was unveiled in a cake competition via Facebook. The life-sized Katniss Everdeen sponge cake, is one of two cakes that are both a part of an exhibition located in the National Exhibition Centre. The second cake is Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion from Game of Thrones,

The cake maker Lara Clarke had just ten weeks to get ready for the cake competition. In total she used 22 pounds of flour, 22 pounds of butter, and 150 eggs to create a cake replica of the Hunger Games actress and the Game of Thrones star. Both cakes, including Dinklage, took the artist £600 to make the vanilla sponge sculpted cakes.

Although these are life-sized cakes, don’t think about going to the exhibition and taking a bite out of The Hunger Games star. “Some of the cake inside is around three months old so is definitely past its best,” said Clarke.

So how does one make a life-sized cake of the Hunger Games star? Well, according to Clarke besides talent, she put a lot of research into this project. She said she analyzed Lawrence’s vital statistics so that the cake stood at 5’10.

Her Jennifer Lawrence and Peter Dinklage cakes aren’t her first foray into creating life-sized sponge cakes. Last year she won the contest with her Johnny Depp cake which was styled after his character Jack Sparrow from his popular franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

#JenniferLawrence looks exquisite @ the #MockingjayPremiere in a high-low gown by @Dior http://t.co/xM6rZu5z1o #jlaw pic.twitter.com/vq1QfY0nQy

— HollywoodTake (@HollywoodTake_) November 10, 2014

Clarke’s cake comes at just the right time, as Lawrence is currently hitting the trail to promote The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 1. Just the other day, Jennifer Lawrence was captured at a photocall for the upcoming film. Unfortunately, Lawrence is currently battling strep throat during her press tour for the upcoming blockbuster. That said, she still managed to show up and barely looked ill when she hit the red carpet with co-star Liam Hemsworth.

[Image via Lionsgate]