Subway Fight: Man Viciously Slaps Girl For Taunting Him On Subway, Footage Goes Viral (Video)

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language.**

There have been many stories about bullying and the repercussions that can come with taunting people. Now, another bully has experienced the drawbacks of humiliating someone. Surprisingly, the roles are reversed in this case, because the woman is bullying a man!

He was obviously fed up with the harsh treatment and humiliation so he took matters into his own hands. Of course, the assault of a woman is wrong in any case, but, bullying is never justifiable either. Since this incident was caught on tape, check out the clip to see how the series of events unfolded.

On Saturday, Nov. 8, a jaw-dropping fight video was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop. The video chronicles an altercation that reportedly took place on the F-Train in New York City. Throughout the two-minute video, the woman can be seen relentlessly berating a random man on the train. She taunted him about everything from his eight-ball jacket to the fur hat he wore on his head. Of course, her friends found her actions quite comical and lots of people enjoyed laughs at the man’s expense.

She went on to insult the man about his Steve Madden shoes. However, when the guy filming the incident fired back with his own verbal jab, she quickly became offensive, which is how the verbal sparring match escalated into a physical altercation. Surprisingly, she started that part of the incident as well. As the video goes on, she can be seen boldly approaching the man with the camera. Then, the camera takes a nosedive because she knocks it out of his hands – not once but twice.

Although her attention was diverted momentarily, it didn’t take long for her to continue insulting the other guy. But, this time he wasn’t having it. When she went on call him stupid, he fired back with his own retort. “Dirty b—-,” he spewed. Of course, she was offended so she hauled off and hit him. Then, he viciously slapped her and everyone on the train began laughing and shouting. That’s when the fight broke out!

The video has gone viral with more than 1.7 million views and over 20,000 comments. Now, it is also circulating on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vine and YouTube. The shocking footage has sparked controversy among viewers because some feel he was wrong for hitting her regardless of her actions. Then, of course, there were others who feel she deserved what she got because she was relentless with her taunting.

“Todays females are use to being around weak beta males so they think it’s cool to step to a complete stranger like that and not deal with the consequences,” a user named Skate87 said.

“Why do some women think they can lay hands on people? A man absolutely should walk away from verbal insults. If he hit her after she punked him he’s an a–. But she hit him first and he should have every right to hit her back. If you don’t want to get your head knocked in, don’t attack people,” said a user named Wennsday Thursday.

“D— she was asking for that one, I don’t belive in hitting females, but that b—h was sassy as f— and came swinging, I give praise to this cat, notice how he kept his composure until she laid hands on him, well deserved and hilarious,” another user said.

“The only person acting like a civilized human being is the gentleman that came to the woman’s aid after the slap and the guy who tried to de-escalate the whole brawl. YES, the man shouldn’t of slapped her but the women were slapping down the phone repeatedly and talking smack. Let’s be clear the slapper was in the wrong. The women were in the wrong. This is why I do not take public transportation cuz every time I do a fight breaks out,” said YouTube user Robb Donker.

This video just makes me sad. People not knowing how to handle their problems without screaming or hitting each other like fucking animals,” YouTube user Marwalp said.

Do you think the man was wrong for slapping the girl? Share your thoughts.

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