Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Allegedly Impregnated Teen Client

Jerry Sandusky might want to think about hiring a new lawyer, the former Penn State assistant coach who is currently facing sex abuse charges has hired 63-year-old Joe Amendola, a lawyer who has been accused of impregnating a teenage client.

According to Janet Iavasile her 16-year-old daughter Mary Iavasile was attempting to become emancipated when instead she was impregnated by her lawyer.

Janet told The Daily:

“At the time, I didn’t know the extent of the relationship.”

Her mother went on to describe Amendola as a “mentor” to her daughter who “was interested in the law.”

While the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16-years-old it still shows a complete lack of ethics on the part of Amendola, something Sandusky will want to avoid during his already troublesome lawsuit.

It should also be noted that Amendola and Iavasile married in 2003 and have since had a second child although they are now separated. Even Janet herself says Amendola is a “very good father.”

The now 32-year-old Mary Amendola denies her mother’s claims and says “all of the information in incorrect.” In the meantime Joe Amendola said he would trust his children with Sandusky which led Mary to post on her Facebook page:

“OMG did Joe just say that he would allow my kids to be alone with Jerry Sandusky?”

If Jerry Sandusky has any brains left in his alleged pedophilia filled head he’ll hire a reputable attorney without the checkered pass, then again finding a decent lawyers willing to represent him could be quite the challenge.