Aishwarya Rai Checks Into Hospital For Birth of First Child

Bollywood fans have gotten into a bit of a frenzy after news hit that star Aishwarya Rai has checked into a hospital in Mumbai in anticipation of the imminent arrival of her first child. (Or as some on Twitter posit, twins.)

38-year-old Rai- often dubbed the “most beautiful woman in the world”- and husband Abhishek Bachchan announced back in June that they were expecting their first child. Now it’s been confirmed that the couple is at the hospital, but there have been no updates since their check-in. The facility is said to currently be under tight security, with throngs of well-wishers outside awaiting word on the delivery. The hospital released a brief statement yesterday:

“All facilities will be provided for the Bachchans, as it is done for all our patients.The only difference is that we have to keep all details related to the Bachchans a little more secret to maintain privacy. Once the delivery is done, they will be in a better position to talk.”

Unidentified sources spoke to Indian media about the Bachchans’ arrival at the hospital, confirming the crowds and heightened security:

“There was tighter than usual security on Tuesday and a crowd had assembled outside the hospital to get news of the junior-most Bachchan’s arrival.”

Another said:

“There are strict instructions that only the family will announce the baby’s birth. The hospital has been forbidden from making any statement.”

Reports have also indicated that Rai checked into the hospital for an induction and not a standard delivery, although those reports have also not been confirmed.