Haley Kalil Flaunts A Big Mood During Bombshell Photo Shoot

Model Haley Kalil delighted her 353,000 Instagram followers on Monday evening with a pair of behind-the-scenes videos from a recent photo shoot. The stunning redhead displayed a glamorous appearance reminiscent of 1960s-era starlets, and then finished off the post with a glimpse of her goofy side — with which her social media fans have become quite familiar. Over 1,200 people hit the "like" button in less than 20 minutes after the clips went live.

Haley wore a tight black garment which was seemingly a bodysuit. The top of the piece had a plunging neckline featuring lacy, scalloped edges and structured underwire cups that emphasized the depth of her cleavage. The lower portion was constructed from a stretchy, ribbed fabric.

Haley accessorized with large, sparkling hoop earrings and a series of linked chains and thick silver cuffs around her right wrist. She tagged stylist Tosh Yañez for her look in the caption and also gave credit to hair and makeup artist Christina Virzi.

Her auburn tresses were backcombed and sprayed at the crown to create maximum volume, and then a portion of them was pinned back off of her face. Long, layered bangs were parted off-center and framed her striking features, and the rest of her hair spilled over one shoulder and halfway down her back.

Haley posed for the camera with smoky, come-hither eyes and seductively parted lips for most of the shoot. She altered her position subtly, yet constantly throughout — making small adjustments to her gaze, the angle of her face, and placement of her arms.

The first video was black-and-white and was accompanied by the track "Slow Grenade" by Ellie Goulding featuring Lauv. Haley leaned against a cylindrical cement blockade in an outdoor parking lot, near a huge piece of industrial equipment. Bright sunshine illuminated her from behind, creating sweeping highlights in her hair and along the tops of her bare shoulders.

The second clip was in color but nonetheless seemed to be a continuation of the prior video. Haley continued to pose for the photographer, and a quick flash was visible. She shifted her gaze to the camera and managed to maintain her sultry vibe for several moments, then broke out into a huge, open-mouthed peal of laughter. She doubled over and threw her head back as her eyes crinkled with merriment.

Haley's Instagram followers flooded the comments section with adoration for the post.

"This is my new favorite of youuu," one fan declared, adding flame and heart emoji for emphasis.

"Omg love this so much," a second person wrote.