Pam Anderson to Play the Virgin Mary in New Christmas Special

When you think of Pam Anderson, you probably think of “Baywatch,” breast implants, Playboy, PETA, “Home Improvement,” or celebrity sex tapes. One thing that probably doesn’t come to mind is the Virgin Mary. But that could change this Christmas when Pamela steps into the role she was born to play. Yep, the Baywatch beauty will be playing the Virgin Mary in an upcoming Christmas special.

Pam Anderson will step into the holy shoes of the Virgin Mary for a comedy sketch in “A Russell Peters Christmas.”

The show, which will be hosted by comedian Russel Peters, will also star Jon Lovitz, Michael Buble, and Ted Lange, a.k.a. Isaac from “The Love Boat.” “A Russell Peters Christmas” promises to deliver “an irreverent twist on the Christmas special making it unlike anything viewers have seen before.”

The Indo-Canadian comedian may not be a household name in America but he’s pretty popular up north. Here’s a clip from one of his stand-up specials.

And in case you forgot about Pam Anderson’s acting talents, here’s a little reminder.

According to The Comedy Network website, Russell Peters will be “paying tribute to the holidays with a mix of stand-up, sketch, stop-motion animation, and musical performances.” “A Russell Peters Christmas” will premiere on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Do you think Pamela Anderson will play a convincing Virgin Mary? How about a hilarious and sexy one?