‘Shake It Off’ Singing News Anchor Painfully Humiliates Co-Host

With its massive opening week, Taylor Swift’s 1989 and accompanying lead single “Shake It Off” would only be off your radar at this point if you actively avoided reading pop culture news of any kind. The single has spent several weeks a top the Billboard Top 100, and a string of parodies and covers have spread across the internet right after it.

But one of the most interesting things about the single is its crossover potential. Taylor, of course, planned this from the start — heralding 1989 as her first total departure from country music. Earlier this week, Kendrick Lamar released a brief clip of him singing along to “Shake It Off.”

The anchor in the video above might not be getting any love from his co-host for his rendition of “Shake It Off,” but that doesn’t mean he’s not without his fans — the video has ranked up almost 2.3 million hits since its release.

[Image via YouTube]