Adrian Peterson Reinstatement Called For By Players’s Association

The NFL Players’ Association is calling for the reinstatement of Adrian Peterson. Peterson’s child abuse case ended last week, when he agreed to a plea bargain, and the Players’ Association says that the NFL’s choice to delay reinstatement breaches an agreement made in September.

According to ESPN, some sources say that an agreement made in September promised that Peterson would be removed from the Commissioner’s Exempt list as soon as his legal matter came to a close. Since his guilty plea (to a misdemeanor charge, rather than the felony child abuse charge he was initially facing) last week, though, the NFL decided against immediate reinstatement.

Other NFL officials have told ESPN a slightly different story, however. They say that Peterson was told his case would be reviewed after the legal proceedings ended — and that there was never a promise of automatic reinstatement.

Meanwhile, Peterson continues to post on Twitter, sharing Biblical passages and photos. After he shared a photo of himself with his daughter late Saturday night, Peterson was bombarded with accusations of using her to improve his public image, and suggestions that proximity to a child might result in Peterson making disciplinary decisions that could lead to further charged.

@AdrianPeterson Hope u don’t hit her SMH

— Noah Miller 1⃣2⃣ (@noahmiller1233) November 9, 2014

Despite the deluge of posts that continue to call out Peterson for his actions, there is a ton of fan support.

Adrian Peterson’s reinstatement, along with handling of other cases where players have committed or been accused of violent acts, is currently a political situation for the NFL. After the criticism over the Ray Rice case, it’s clear that they’re being careful and trying to walk the line that will best satisfy the fan base.

In this case, though, if the fan support is combined with the Player’s Association calling for Adrian Peterson’s reinstatement, especially with threats of the NFLPA filing a grievance over the matter, the NFL Commission very well may decide that their most politically safe option is quick reinstatement.

[Photo: Adrian Peterson’s Twitter]