Will Republican Pro-Life Agenda Show Up In New Congress? Fox Commentator Says ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

Will a Republican pro-life agenda be the pivotal issue in the new Congress with the GOP in control of both houses for the first time since the Bush administration? Don’t count on it, said one Fox News commentator.

Former Judge Andrew Napolitano said even though Republicans could push a pro-life agenda, it will not happen as the Republicans take over in January.

“There are two great freedoms being assaulted under the radar that will soon come to the fore: the freedom to live and the freedom to speak. Both parties use abortion as a litmus test. You want the Democratic nomination for any federal or state office; you need to support a woman’s right to abortion. You want the Republican nomination for any federal or state office; you better claim that you are pro-life.

“I say ‘claim’ because that’s all Republicans need to do to satisfy each other. If Republicans truly were pro-life, they’d have passed a one-paragraph statute when they ran the Congress and George W. Bush was in the White House that legally defined a fetus in the womb as a natural person. Of course, morally and biologically, a fetus is a natural person. The fetus has human parents and possesses a fully actualizable human genome — all the genetic materials needed to grow and flourish and possess self-directed humanity. But no such legislation ever came.

“Since the Supreme Court denied personhood to every fetus in 1973, much as it had done to African-Americans in 1857, more than 44,000,000 babies have met the abortionists’ vacuum and scalpel. Will a newly revived Republican Congress address personhood to the abortionist in chief in the White House? Don’t hold your breath.”

While Napolitano does not believe a Republican pro-life agenda will show up in the new Congress, at least one of his Fox News colleagues is calling for Republicans in the new Congress to stand up and fight instead of compromising with Democrats.

Fox News’ Eric Bolling made the comments on this weekend’s Cashin’ In show.

“Compromise?…. Did [the Democrats] compromise on Obamacare? We didn’t want it. The president and his majority forced that monster upon us….. [Democratis did not compromise on] open[ing] the border for hundreds of thousands of illegal Central American kids to make themselves at home here.”

What do you think? Will the Republicans’ pro-life agenda at the RNC come over to a pro-life agenda in Congress? And should Republicans compromise at all or like Bolling suggested, stick it to Democrats? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.